Cups, beakers, sippy tops, bottles... the list can seem endless. And let’s face it, darn confusing at times. We’ve all wondered when they should be switching from a bottle to a sippy cup and then to a big kids' one. So here's a guide to which bottle or cup to choose for each stage. Cheers!

1. Bottles for 0 - 6 months

If you’re breastfeeding exclusively, you won’t need anything at this stage: so just relax and enjoy the experience. 😊 However, if you’re planning to express, they may not take to the bottle straight away. And this is where Comotomo bottles can help. Designed to closely mimic natural breastfeeding, they have naturally-shaped, soft, silicone nipples. There’s also a skin-like, soft squeezable bottle body, which they’ll love to hold while they feed. Vented to prevent colic, they’re a great transitional bottle that can be used after breastfeeding too.

Marni drinking from the Comotomo Bottle

Comotomo 5oz Twin Bottle

Elhee is a French brand that also mimics the natural boob shape, with a clever closure system that means that only medical grade silicone ever comes into contact with the milk or formula inside.

Straight into bottle feeding? Consider a bottle that starts their plastic free journey from day dot, as well as being long lasting. Everyday Baby bottles are made from thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass, with a silicone coating. They're light and easy to hold, they can be turned into next stage cups with the addition of a sippy top and handles, meaning the transition from bottle to that ‘big kids’ cup may go a lot smoother. Familiarity and all that...

2. Cups for 6 - 12 months

At around six months it’s time to mark a whole new milestone. Weaning. And with this journey, comes the need for a brand spanking new sippy cup. Exciting! The easiest way to transition from a bottle to spout is to pick a soft one that almost mimics the bottle. You may also find that at this age, they’re not that great at gripping yet - so holding a cup is tricky.'s 4-cups-in-1 Transitions Set takes you from bottle feeding to toddler training in one great value pack. You simply switch lids as they grow, catering to every age and stage. The set includes a 4m+ fast flow silicone teat with handles and cover, a 4m+ soft silicone spout that’s gentle on sore gums, a sippy straw cup for 6m+, a training lid for 12m+ that teaches them how to drink from a cup and the weighted straw sippy lid that's so clever it's even won awards. 4-in-1 Transitions Set's 4-cups-in-1 Transitions Set

And a little note. To get them used to this transition, start by offering the cup at mealtimes and just filling it with water. It means they’ll be able to associate this with food, and as a result, not cry for their bottle. #justsaying.

3. Cups for 12 - 24 months

As they’ve probably got most of their teeth now, that silicone spout may be riddled with teeth marks, or, if they’re anything like our toddler, they’ve managed to chew through the thing 🙈. As their drinking reflexes have developed, you’ll also find that they’re able to drink more without choking. This means one thing, it’s time to move them to the next level of cup.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

The Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup is designed to to support kids' dental health and lets them drink from anywhere around the rim, like a regular cup. We love how it helps support normal muscle development and doesn't spill either. Awesome.

Once they near the two year old mark, they would have developed enough to understand how to drink through a straw. And this is where it gets exciting…with masses of choice and very cool 'grown up'-looking options.

eco rascals make some of the chic-est -looking tableware KIDLY sells and their bamboo and silicone Big Cup, Topper & Straws set will certainly make a stylish addition to your table or high-chair. (But they require more care than other options, as the bamboo cup must be hand-washed and not left to soak in water.)

eco rascals Big Cup, Topper & Straws

eco rascals Big Cup, Topper & Straws

Liewood makes a similiarly cool-looking Ellis Sippy Cup entirely from silicone that's beautifully tactile and easy-to-grip, that can also be slung straight in the dishwasher.

Cups for 2 - 3 years

They’re drinking, sipping and, er, probably spilling till their heart’s content now. And they’ve probably mastered that straw too. The next step? The cup! Start them slowly on this journey with a beaker that’s easy to grip like these Cognikids Natural Drinking Cups. Using super-grippy toxin free silicone to help them hold onto them better, they’ll also teach them about cause and effect as they try to find their mouths and tip the cup back to get their drink out.

Genius, but not so much when you’re out and about. So stop the tears when they’re thirsty - and those spills - by getting them a big kids’ bottle. We have lots of drinking bottles to choose from, in all sorts of designs and materials, but the Pura 11oz Toddler Bottle is sustainable and incredibly robust, so it's a great pick to sling in their backpack and take to the beach.

Pura Toddler Bottle

Pura 11oz Toddler Bottle

Cups for 3-4 year olds

At this age, the world’s really their oyster when it comes to cups and beakers. As well as looking great, the Gene Silicone Cup from Liewood can stand up to years of use and has small studs on the bottom, for extra stability when they place their cup down. With two in the pack, they'll always have one to use, when the other is cleaning up in the dishwasher.

Liewood Gene Silicone Cup

Liewood Gene Silicone Cup

And there you have it, a buying guide to baby bottles, sippy cups and beakers. Phew! It was thirsty work - but we did it.

And remember, if you need any more guidance, our Live Chat Team are always here to help, 7am-11pm, every day. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.