Whoop, bathtime! Fun and wet in equal measure. And when they work out how to splash, it's time to grab the shower hats and umbrellas. As well as all the entertainment, it's great for getting them learning too. So here's some help choosing the best bath toys for each stage. Frolics ahoy!

Tiny bathers: 0 - 6 months

Ok, so when they’re teeny tiny, they won’t be doing much apart from getting used to the water. But bath toys are great for stimulating their senses and helping them relax. The Oli & Carol Flo the Floatie Teether & Bath Toy is a natural rubber duckie that's full of texture to help their sensory development that's designed for very serious gumming too. With no holes, there are no moldy insides to worry about. And, as they get older, they’ll love plunging it under the water and watching it bob up, teaching them about cause and effect. Who'd have thought one little duck could do so much?

Izabelle tests out the Oli & Carol Small Duck Bath Toy

Oli & Carol Flo the Floatie Teether & Bath Toy

As they get older and their grasping skills develop (around 5 months), pick something that’s small enough to grip but can be used to spray water, like a bath squirter. They're a great way to help them getting used to having water on their heads and faces (hopefully) making hair washes easier and stopping those tantrums later on…

Mini splashers: 7 - 12 months

Your small soaker is, we hope, now looking forward to bathtime. And doing so much more, including splashing around like a little loon. Bathtime is usually part of their bedtime routine, so use those toys to help tire them out. Janod's 5 Activity Baskets have holes underneath for the bath water and bubbles to flow out. It's the simplest kind of bath time play, but incredibly absorbing. When they're a little older, each bucket features an animal and number, which your toddler will love learning. You might struggle to get them out - sorry!

Janod 5 Activity Baskets

Janod 5 Activity Baskets

Want to incorporate that bedtime story into their bath routine? There’s a toy for that too. Yep, really. Wee Gallery's Colour Me Bath Book helps them learn about colours and animals, changing from black and white to pastels when it gets wet. It great for interaction too. My little girl has one and won’t have a bath without it, so it’s a huge personal 👍 from me.

Athena tests out the Wee Gallery Colour Me Bath Book

Wee Gallery Colour Me Bath Book

Midi splashers: 13 - 24 months

So, toddlers are really into the swing of things, but they’ve also developed those personalities. Meaning, if they don’t like something, well you’re gonna know about it! When my daughter turned one, she went from being a happy little fish who was content to lie back and have her hair washed, to a full-scale tantrumming turtle that screamed if water went anywhere near her face.

Penelope plays with the Moluk Plu Raincloud

Moluk Plu Raincloud

The answer? Toddler bath toys that make hair washing into a game, like this Moluk Plu Raincloud. Shaped like an, er, raincloud, you submerge it to fill it with water and watch the gentle rainfall begin when you hold it up. Put your finger over the hole and the waterfall magically stops. Great for sneaky hair washing and helping to develop motor skills too.

Got a little bather who won’t just sit down? Or a little brainiac? We have toddler bath toys to help with their brain training. These Boon Pipes & Tubes & Cogs are one of our bestsellers and have been made to stick on the side of the bath, or your bath tiles.

Boon Pipes & Tubes & Cogs

Boon Pipes & Tubes & Cogs

Bathtime pros: 24 months +

By now your toddler has probably come to expect bathtime as a core part of their day, so make sure they continue to learn as they splash with toddler bath toys that will develop their creative and problem-solving sides. Quut's Soft Foam Bath Puzzle gives their developing brains scope to create patterns and narratives that you can tell stories about.

Quut Soft Foam Bath Puzzle

Quut Soft Foam Bath Puzzle

Fancy getting arty in the tub? We love the Kitpas Bath Set 3 Colours because they write smoothly even on the side of the bath and can be wiped off simply with a sponge. Designed to float, so they're always nearby if your bather fancies a scribble, they also have a waterproof paper wrapping, so they don't go mushy if they are left in the water. Plus they come in a handy case with a suction pad, so you can store them out of the way ready for the next in-bath creative session.

So there you have it - our best baby and toddler bath toys for each stage. Also, we won’t judge if you decide to wear your mac and hood. #frizzyhair is real, people.