Hi, my name’s Andrea & I’m a shopaholic. Anything that’s useful, gorgeous & baby related, I want it. Er, sorry hubs, those bank statements aren’t a ‘mistake’…

But, I’m about to redeem myself because since the 5 year old was born & now with a 5 month old too, I’ve found ways to really make use of the kids’ stuff I’ve bought. Whether it’s killing two birds with 1 stone & bagging something that solves a few problems, or reusing stuff for a totally different purpose later on.

Here’s some of my dual purpose faves…

Light at the end of the tunnel

Tots will use any excuse to wake you up at night. From the simple ‘I’m thirsty’, ‘I accidentally spilt’ water & nightlights causing ‘scary shadows,’ to my five year old’s current fave - the ‘orange & purple wolf’ that ‘forces’ him into our room.

I’m still stuck on how to slay the latter (answers on a postcard please), but I’d kiss the person who invented the non spill sippy cup with an LED nightlight that’s dim enough not to cause any shadows. Yes, it really exists!

From bump to sit up

Great for supporting bumps, helping with breastfeeding & to support babes when they are learning to sit up. My 5 month old diva loves it & so does my messiness OCD. Bye bye floor covered with cushions, hello single stylish pillow. #Triplewin

Clever swaps

Got a stylish Moses basket? Show it off or reuse it rather than chucking it in the loft to harbour dust. My mum used mine as her laundry basket for years. You'll remember all of those precious newborn days every time you take the washing to the machine. Sob.

From bathtime to playtime

If you’re not down with the baby bath repurposing as a laundry basket, then it still doesn’t have to spend the rest of its days in the loft. Small and compact, these little baths are great for water play in the garden - keeping them entertained for hours. They’re lifesavers for the days when you forget where you put the paddling pool pump, or even the pool itself.

Winning at weaning and hand luggage...

Got a tot who’s running for the world’s youngest food critic? Do they pull faces that could rival Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace when they hate something? We hear ya. So when you find a puree mix they love, make sure you can find it easily with a reusable food pouch & stickers. I’ve found them a godsend when I need to grab & go and the 5 year old’s in love with them too - he’s decided they’re a great way to keep his paints from drying out. The other half has also been stealing them for storing his toiletries when he has to go abroad for work (alright for some eh.)

Below are some of the products I’ve personally tested & others by some of our fab mums. Check them out - you won’t be disappointed…