It may seem like babies don’t need much more than regular milk feeds, plenty of nappies and a safe environment to sleep in. But actually there’s a whole load of awesome products designed for babies, which they do kind of need as well.

In need of a gift for a baby, but no clue where to start searching? Here’s what they'll love, even if they can’t tell you themselves.

Teething accessories

Itchy gums seem to appear as quickly as that delicious newborn scent disappears, and they'll be spending the large majority of their first two years of life teething...eek. Even the toughest of cookies can have a hard time popping pearly whites, so products designed to ease pain and soothe gums are ideal gifts here.

If they aren’t able to hold teething aids properly yet, a Belo and Me Teething Mitt is a great pick. They just slide onto their hand like a glove and have a lightweight teether that babies can nibble on instead of their fingers.
Quirky brand Oli & Carol have a range of fun and practical teething accessories, great for on-the-go teething relief. We love that these teethers are fully sealed, meaning they can even go in the bath. The Arnold the Avocado design is one of our favourites because it’s just so realistic… apart from it never goes brown. 😜

Tummy time

Experts suggest starting tummy time as soon as babies are born as it helps to strengthen neck muscles. We know it feels hard to put them down, especially when they often don’t like being on their tummy, but it's an activity that pays off in the long run.

For a big gift idea, the East Coast Nursery Say Hello Playmat may be what you're looking for. With a multi-sensory design that'a great for them to play around on, learn to roll as well as hopefully enjoy some tummy time action too.

The Taf Toys Development Pillow is a great gift for getting them excited for tummy time. Its design means they can be propped up at an angle, with teether and rattle toys to captivate and intrigue. Its super soft design is kind to delicate chins too as they learn to support their heads and gain new neck control.

If they're already well-practiced in tummy time, a Wee Gallery Activity Pad can be the ideal product for providing stimulation while they hang out on the floor. These organic cotton mats have double-sided designs and a series of flaps and rattles to touch and explore. Once tummy time is done, these little mats can be folded up and put away. That's simple storage right there.

Sensory play

Sensory play is a term thrown around a lot for babies these days and it can be a bit overwhelming for parents who don’t really know what it involves. Thankfully, brands give a helping-hand, designing loads of clever products to help create a sensory play experience at home.

This Wee Gallery Organic Cotton Puzzle Ball makes the perfect gift. It features multi-textural surfaces and graphic, black and white patterns, designed to help them focus.
Got a music maker on your hands? The East Coast Nursery Wrist and Ankle Rattles are fantastic for encouraging arms and legs to flail round, with little bells that jingle jangle. They're soft and gentle on delicate skin and their wipe down design means they're a breeze to clean if they end up in their mouths too.

Still searching? How about the Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Projector, which integrates a soothing light projector into a shaped owl. It also plays some lullabies at two sound levels, so who knows, you may find them drifting off to sleep once they’ve stared in awe at the stars across the ceiling.

Small baby gifts

They may be adorable but they can be super demanding, with a whole host of developmental stages to conquer over the first year. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to soothe and comfort them every time they grumble. But here’s the good news… there are plenty of awesome products that can help provide some comfort when they need it. Looking for a little baby gift? Comforters are great and often become favourites as they grow into toddlers. Such favourites in fact, that it may be wise to buy two 😉

The Babybundle Safebreathe Hoppy Toy, is a soft and safe soft toy for bed times. The hollowfibre, hypoallergenic stuffing means even sensitive little souls can have a new BFF. It’s hands down, one of the greatest comforters going… we love it!

If they're less about soft toys and more about a good musy? The Etta Loves Sensory Muslins are the perfect gift. Featuring gorgeous prints, the brand also uses 100% cotton, for versatile cloths that can double up as a whole load of other things as well as security blankets.

And there it is. A gift guide to give you a helping hand. Article hit the spot? Good news. There’s more. We’ve put together gift finders for newborns, toddlers, pre-schoolers, little gifts and those big gifts too. Enjoy...