We love supporting small brands at KIDLY and much of the stuff we stock has been created by parents. So when we spot a great little product, we like to take a closer look.

We spoke to Chris, dad to Frankie and Bobby and the brains behind food blender Itsy Blitz. Here he tells us what sparked his idea and how it can help parents.

The light bulb moment

Chris created Itsy Blitz when he was weaning his daughter Frankie, now 3.5 years old. It was during Christmas when they were visiting family and didn’t want to rely on jars or pouches, or cart around a large blender.

‘A typical Christmas meal has loads of healthy vegetables and we didn’t see any reason why Frankie couldn’t share them. It was at this point that the idea for the Itsy Blitz was born.’

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The Itsy Blitz can be packed in your hand luggage for trips abroad.

Spot the difference

Itsy Blitz differs from other baby food blenders because of its portability. It’s handheld, wireless and comes with a rechargeable Lithium battery. A micro-USB charging base with worldwide plug adapters means it can be used anywhere. The lid also converts into a 190 ml bowl, which can be used to feed your baby and there’s also a detachable spoon.

'It’s basically everything a parent needs to blitz up some healthy baby food instantly - wherever they end up.'

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The easy to charge qualities mean this portable blender can be taken on camping trips.

Why does it make parents’ lives easier?

According to Chris, the most obvious benefit is that parents don’t have to spend hours batch cooking food if they don’t want to, or just don’t have the time.

‘I speak to a lot of parents who feel that having a baby is the start of improving their own diet and nutrition. It encourages them to start cooking from scratch more. The Itsy Blitz helps them do just that.’

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The Itsy Blitz can encourage healthy eating.

The verdict?

Like with any new products, there was a fair bit of testing before a full production run and this involved testers. The outcome? ‘They loved it,’ says Chris.

‘One lady used the device for just 12 days and she said she was so used to the machine, it had become a handy device she couldn’t be without!’

And our parent tester Dominika agreed, telling us that, using the Itsy Blitz was easy. 'We just popped cooked fruit into the jug and pressed the button to get nicely blended baby food. It is great when out and about, perfect if you just want to cook and then feed your baby immediately,' she said.

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Parent tester Dominika loves the Itsy Blitz.

A labour of love

The Itsy Blitz took 3 years to get on the shelves. Chris admits there have certainly been some learning curves in the design, finance, branding and manufacturing processes. However, it's been worth it.

'I am extremely happy with the final product and am amazingly proud of the brand we’ve created. The quality is also second to none.’

Moving forward Chris hopes his products will help form good dietary habits in kids and underpin their nutritional choices and overall diet for the rest of their lives. He says any future products they are looking to develop will be around healthy food preparation, food storage and gadgets that help older kids to join in to make a home-cooked meal from scratch.

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