Kids and transport toys go together like bangers and racing, basically they are a match made in heaven. As well as planes, trains and automobiles, there are plenty of other everyday vehicles, shrunken down and made durable for little hands to manoeuvre. Whether your kid has a need for speed, or a thing for parallel parking, we’ve made a guide for our top transport toys. There’s everything from nee nors to ferries and a track for some epic racing too... here goes.

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Little ones have a natural affinity to transport toys, so you can introduce sensory play with cars that give their senses a work out as well as their arms. The cool-looking Wautombile by Plan Toys has coloured liquid inside which swishes around as the car is pushed, helping them to recognise the interesting properties of liquids. They can also colour mix by lining up two different cars together or create beautiful reflections by rolling the car into the sunlight. It's a vehicle that inspires a zen journey, rather than road rage. 🧘


Babies grow so quickly and so do their toy collections. If your storage boxes are full to the brim with their bounty, a space-saving vehicle toy may be just what you are looking for. Created by innovative brand Oribel, these vertical, wall-affixed toys let little ones play in one place and save you from having something else to tidy up at the end of the day as well. We love that you can peel and restick them if you want to move them for bedroom or house moves as well. How cool is that.


If like us you are on a mission to reduce your households plastic consumption, you don’t need to stop when it comes to toys. There’s plenty of eco options when it comes to buying goodies for your kids and that includes transport toys. Say bye-bye to unrecyclable, plastic designs that break under toddler-force and say hello to fantastic recycled plastic and durable alternatives by Green Toys and sturdy, rubberwood products by Plan Toys. They score an A for being eco-friendly and they get an A for looking awesome too.


Receiving a much-loved item from an ancestor warms the cockles of your heart and while your little ones aren’t going to be producing offspring anytime soon, you can buy them beautiful, quality toys that they may one day be able to pass on. Plan Toys limited edition work vehicles are classic push-along toys, made sustainably from rubberwood. Made chunky and from sturdy stuff, they’ll stand up to any knocks from mini drivers and will perfect for generations after generations of on-the-floor play.


They may have to wait until they are 17 to get behind the wheel of their first car, but they can get their hands on their first transport toy before they are even able to walk. Designed with smooth edges and a chunky form, we love the Tender Leaf Toys Happy Bus which is just right for little hands to take for a ride. They’ll be in charge of six passengers too, which can be spun around to see what kind of mood they are in after their journey. It’s a simple bus toy, but as our parent tester Nicky said ‘Sometimes simple toys are the best.’


Transport toys can be used for imaginative play and we aren’t talking about make pretend traffic jams, because let’s face it, we see too many real ones of those. The Le Toy Van Campervan includes a surfboard and a decked out interior with a bed and kitchenette, so kids’ tiny characters can take a trip to the seaside. The retro style of the van is super cool and looks lovely parked up on a bedroom shelf after the road trippin’ fun is over.


We are all about damage limitation when it comes to travelling with kids and that starts with making sure you have plenty of entertainment to prevent the boredom moans. Bigjigs Runway and Railway Tape is an ideal transport toy to take on travels. They can create their own (removable) tracks and runways using the sticky tape and then fly or chug their miniature vehicle along it. Place the tape on an airplane, ferry or train table, or even on the case of their tablet. We love it because it doesn’t leave any residue, meaning you can even stick it to your holiday rental floor without leaving a mess.


We really like investment, grow-with-them products that can be added to as time goes by and when it comes to vehicle-focused toys, the waytoplay track is spot on. These durable rubber tracks can be put together just about anywhere, from your floor inside, to your patio and even the bath. Buy the small 16-piece Expressway to get them started, or go the full hog with the 90-piece King Of The Road set. It really is perfect for racing any vehicles over, we can't get enough of it.

Still got a need for speed? We've got a fleet-load of great transport toys pulled together for you to browse right here.


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