Hello again lovely customers,

Last year we changed Black Friday into Give Back Friday to raise money for the KIDLY Family Fund, which we created to donate our time and money to support families in need of financial and emotional support .

This year, Give Back Friday is back and we're inviting you to bring happiness and warmth to two families for the Holidays - yours and one you’ll probably never meet, but will definitely make a difference to.

To explain: for every order placed during our week-long event, we'll donate 5% to Action for Children and their Secret Santa campaign. As a charity they’ve been helping vulnerable children for over 150 years but sadly, even today, 4.3 million children are still living in poverty across the UK.

Too many of these children are also dealing with abuse, neglect or the burden of being carers to other family members. They’re unable to just be kids and won't get to experience the magic and excitement every kid deserves to feel at this time of year. But together we can change that.

Our donation will help fill cupboards with food, fund visits to Santa, pay for warm clothing, buy kids presents (maybe the only one they'll receive) and provide warm beds in homes across the UK.

This year, you can be Secret Santa to a vulnerable child and we're delighted to be supporting this brilliant campaign. So much so, that we're raising our donation cap this year by 20%, to £30,000.

Wishing you all a very happy Holidays,