Christmas Eve. It’s a whole new ball game when you’ve got kids. Bye, bye pub, hello making Christmas memories and traditions. And that can be from when they are tiny, right up until they’re at the stage, where believing in Santa is a fine line. There’s loads of ways to build up excitement for the night before Christmas. And if you’re struggling on where to start or, want something that little bit different, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve rounded up our personal faves, to give you some ideas. They’re great for when they begin to remember, right up until the eye rolling stage. Here we go…

Christmas Eve boxes

A trend in the US, these have become super popular in the UK now. Basically they’re what they say on the tin - boxes (obvs) that can be filled with small goodies to excite them on Christmas eve. We’re thinking pyjamas, a small but festive colouring in book, like this one from The Jam Tart, and maybe a lil’ soft toy they can take to bed with them.

Christmas PJs

Who doesn’t love a pair of PJs? And when it comes to Christmas pairs for the kids, the excitement for me is better than the glass of wine at the pub. I love how they can wear them on the night before and for those awesome Christmas morning pictures. We’ve got some great ones that will last from the big day, to, well basically all winter, check our nightwear collection here. Oh, and don’t forget the slippers.

Book it in

Christmas books, they’re what memories are made of. We start reading a Christmas book a night in the last 7 days leading up to Christmas. However, one common tradition is to wrap up 24 books that they own, and have not looked at for a while, and place them under the tree. Let your kid unwrap one every night, keep the ‘Night before Christmas’ for Christmas Eve, and you’ve got a cool Christmas tradition right there.

The twist on the mince pie for Santa

Ok so we all know about the mince pie and carrot for Santa, but why not mix it up and tire them out at the same time too? Instead of those shop bought cakes, buy a make your own biscuit mix. These kits from BKD are a simple way to bake festive treats which can then be left out for Santa and enjoyed by the family in the eve. Awesome.

One present, lots of excitement

We have a tradition of opening a lil’ present on Christmas Eve - you know, to really get them into the mood. If you have a fabric advent calendar, a great way to get them excited is to place a treasure map in the 24th pocket. It means they’ll be running around the house looking for that little gift. Our 7 year old loves doing this - and his 2 year old sister will no doubt be following him around this year 🙈. Not got one, but want one to join in on this yearly tradition? We stock advent calendars seasonally by fab brands such as FabeLab

Stockings on the bedpost

The night before Christmas, just before bedtime, we pop a stocking at the end of their bed. I love how this builds excitement and means that when they wake up (at 4am) on Christmas morning they see it nice and full.

The Christmas film

Well this is a must really, and we all know a film is great for calming them down. Add a cup of hot choc, get those Pjs on and a blanket and snuggles on the sofa and they’ll be chilled in no time. Or, if they’re a bit older and too full of excitement, get them out of the house and into the cinema, again, it’ll chill them out and it’s a great way for them to build those memories.

So, there you have it. Some of our fave traditions. Take inspo and also take note - because whatever you do, you’re going to want to make sure they burn off all that energy and sleep at a reasonable time, so you can build that big gift…

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