Considering redecorating your baby's nursery or kid's bedroom, but don't want to bite off more than you can (find the energy to) chew? We hear you. But fear not, you don't need to roll out the wallpaper table, or even pick up a paint brush. Some carefully-chosen accessories and a little bit of rethinking can breathe a whole new mood into the place.

1. Customise with cushions

Cushions are a simple way to change up the look of a room in a jiffy. Pick wisely and they’ll also serve a cuddle buddy too. Animal faces are really popular and can lend themsleves well to theming the room. With lions you can go jungle or circus, rabbits or teddies and you can create a whole Into The Woods vibe. Then look out for pictures, rugs or bedding to tie it all together.

girls with bloomingville Multi Colour Dot Cushion and Ferm Living Lion Safari Cushion

The Bloomingville Multi Colour Dot Cushion and Ferm Living Lion Safari cushion are colourful additions that make a cosy place to snuggle with toys.


Every room needs a rug. Not just great for adding warmth and zoning a reading space, they can also stop kids from slipping when they’re charging around on wooden floors. (Just don’t forget to add the non-slip backing.) Tapis Petit does a fab range of characterful and quirky options. They're hand-washable too. (Handy.) You can support their pretend play while staying stylish with this Ferm Living World Jute Carpet. With a world map printed on it in black, the lovely neutral tones will go with all colour schemes and your kid gets five whole continents to explore with their toy animals - all from the comfort of their room.

Ferm Living World Jute Carpet

Ferm Living World Jute Carpet


Gone are days when you had to get the wallpaper table out to add some character to their room. And we’ve got wall stickers (or decals or vinyls - they have quite a few names) to thank. Etsy is a good place to browse and loads of them are reusable. Again, great for theming and, when they outgrow it, just peel 'em off.


A mirror is a simple focal point that also bounces a bit of light around - handy in a darker room - and it will always be interesting to a baby or child, of any age. We love these rattan ones by Kids Depot - they're so on-trend.

KIDS Depot Sunny Cane Mirror

Kids Depot Sunny Cane Mirror


Wall hangings and features are so 'now' it hurts. They're a great way to add warmth and texture to the room. Kids Depot makes a great range, using tactile textiles and felts. They're very unisex in feel and not too baby-ish either, so that gives them longevity and makes them a great pick for a baby shower gift with a difference.


Houseplants are almost the new pets. And, while it's lovely to have the look of lushness in the house, some rooms are too dark for them to thrive. Or maybe you're the Grim Reaper when it comes to horticulture. (Guilty as charged.) Also, kids rooms are not idea for large pots of soil - especially if you'd like it to stay in the pot. The solution? Fake ones!

Kids Depot Monstera Plant

Kids Depot makes a whole range of sumptuous felt plants.


If 'to bunt' were a verb, I'd bunt here, there and everywhere in my house. IMHO bunting instantly makes a space feel a bit special and also draws the eye up, which makes any room feel taller. Canopies are also great for adding height and instantly create a special little den for reading or play. Or you can hang them over their bed to add an extra cosiness and a bit of a princely or princessy vibe.

Jabadabado Textile Bunting and Bed Canopy

Jabadabado's Textile Bunting and Bed Canopy make rooms feel taller and more magical.


If you have the space in the room, a play tent or teepee creates a special hideaway for any baby or toddler. Kid's Concept and wigiwama make lovely designs in neutral colours that take minutes to assemble, but will give hours and hours of fun, whether they're hiding, chilling, playing house or reading. Fill it with cushions and, who knows, they may even take a nap in there!

Little boy playing in Kids Concept Play Tent

The Kids Concept Play Tent makes an instant den.

So there you have it, budding interior design masters. A quick and simple way to style up their space without any hard work. And remember, if you need any more guidance, our Live Chat Team are always here to help, 7am-11pm, every day. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.