Baking with the kids. It’s one part fun, one part messy and sometimes comes with a sprinkle of frustration. After-all we know how they don’t stay interested for very long. However, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves for making it fun and engaging. And, hopefully, the only soggy bottoms you’ll find are, well, in their nappies. Ready, set, bake…

1.Keep it simple

If it’s the first time baking younger ones, then choose a simple recipe. Think pancakes or pick a pre-made mix, that just needs eggs and milk, like this BKD Biscuit Baking Kit. Full of everything you need, including the cutters and sprinkles for them to add, there’s some showstopper pieces right there! Want to go bigger? Just measure everything out before they get involved. It’s easier for a younger kid to pour and mix, rather than get frustrated with all the other bits involved.

2. Make it visual

We all know kids respond better to pictures, rather than having to read instructions or listen to you. So take heed when it comes to cake making. Buy baking books, which have visual instructions that they can follow easily! Alternatively our BKD kits have picture cards as instructions, making them super easy for kids to follow. Winning!

3. Stand up tall

It’s no fun for a little one who can’t see what’s going on when they’re trying to bake, so take their learning to new heights. Give them a step so they can stand tall at the kitchen counter, or lay out everything on a table where they can sit comfortably. They’re far more likely to stay engaged if they can do, and see things easily. So simple, so effective!

4. Mess it up

Baking, or cooking in general can be messy! Or is that just in our household? Ahem… The solution? Embrace the mess! Put them in old clothes, an old shirt, or buy them a cool kids’ apron like this Buddy & Bear Apron. Stylish, easy to clean and the right size for budding bakers it’s the perfect pick.

5. What’s their flavour?

Every kid has a fave flavour, whether it’s chocolate, raspberry or vanilla. So embrace their food tastes and let them pick what goes into the mix. They’re more likely to be involved if they can’t wait to taste the end result afterwards, even though they’ll probably want to lick the bowl too.

6. Let them get hands on

We know how it goes. Us grown-ups want anything we bake to turn out, well, edible, regardless of whether we’re master bakers or novices. So, we tend to take control. The result? Boredom from the kids. The recipe for success? Let them get stuck in. Whether it’s handling the dough for biscuits or measuring out and mixing their own ingredients, they’ll be far more interested if they can do something. And, let’s be honest, you don’t have to eat their creations afterwards.

7 . Add some learning into the mix

Baking can be great for a range of skills, so add this to their day. As you're cooking, talk about ingredients, the cooking processes and techniques. Cooking can be a great way to learn about science, geography and maths (through weighing) in a practical way. It's good for fine motor skills and coordination too. Learning through play. We love it!

So there it is guys. A few little tips to make baking with kids fun. You never know… they may be a contestant for the Bake Off in years to come… #anythingspossible.