Baby bathtime. It can be fun and relaxing. But, trying to keep a wriggly one occupied and safe can cause havoc on your knees and arms. Fear not, we’re here to help. We’ve picked out some of our fave useful and stylish bath kit, that’s great for them, you and your home decor. Bathtime bliss has never been so simple!

1. Puj Arm Rest

The Puj Arm Rest sits on the rim of the bathtub and is double padded. It means you can rest your arms in comfort while you support babe. The Herringbone design looks great, while the easy hang loop can be used to store and dry it after use. Practical and stylish, we 💓.

2. A Little Lovely Company Raindrop Bath Toy

Fill your bathroom with bath toys that look great and educate kids too with this A Little Lovely Company Raindrop Bath Toy. In a stylish, simple raindrop design, it’s ready to be filled with water and then lifted up for a rain effect. It’s great for teaching kids about the weather while getting in sneaky hair wash too.

3. Skip Hop 3 Stage Moby Baby Bath

Baby baths aren’t often described as ‘cool’, but we’re going there and saying that the Skip Hop 3 Stage Moby Baby Bath really is. Shaped like a whale, it features an adjustable insert that takes it from a newborn bath to toddler safe without needing any additional bits. The sling locks into place for tiny babies, then adjusts to a simple seat-back for growing tots. When they’re too big for bathtimes, it makes a great water play or storage device.

4. Elipad Kneeler

The Bumbo Elipad Kneeler saves your knees and does it in style. Made from squishy foam, just place it on the floor and kneel. Or pop your bum on it when your knees need a rest. It's a kid-friendly design but done subtly for modern bathrooms.

5. Moby Bath Rinser

Hair washing and kids. They’re hardly a match made in heaven… we know, we’ve been there. That’s where the Moby Bath Rinser swims in to save the day, letting you rinse rinse bubbles from kids’ hair without getting any water in their eyes. The soft mouth of the whale directs water away from their face, while the easy grip handle lets you hold the rinser in one hand and your kid in the other. To dry, simply hang it using the handle.

6. Liewood Lily Bathrobe

Keep them warm and have a stylish piece hanging in the bathroom thanks to the Liewood Lily Bathrobe. Made from 100% cotton terry towelling, it’s super soft, while the hood means you can easily dry off their hair. In a classic tie-front style, with poppers so it stays on, it’s easy to wear after bathtimes too. Oh, and we’re also a bit in love with the simple Scandi design. #justsaying

7. Ubbi Cloud and Droplet Bath Toys

This Cloud and Droplet bath toys floats into our picks, because, well, they are so darn cool. Submerge it, then lift it up for rainy, splashing fun. Shower caps at the ready grown-ups!

And there it is...8 stylish and cool products to make bathtime run smoothly and comfortably. Want more? We’ve got it covered, just check out our full bath range. Splash to it!