As a family, we travel a lot & I’ve lost count of the number of baths my poor daughter Bells has taken in a sink, which is quite an ordeal now she’s almost 8 months old 🙈.

However, we’ve learned a number of hacks to make life easier when staying away from home. Always looking for new ideas, I took to the KIDLY Facebook page to ask for your top tips. Here’s what you came back with:

  1. Baby Nest - whilst most hotels/ holiday rentals/ airbnb’s are able to provide travel cots, it’s likely to feel alien to your little snoozer. Increase your chance of zzzzz’s by taking your baby’s own baby nest to keep them cosy & snug (regardless of the size of the cot). Sleepyhead is a really popular one here.
  2. Fold up/Blow up bath tub - No more worrying where you’ll wash your grubby monkey, a portable compact bath will prevent you from folding your baby in two in the sink.
  3. Black out blinds - particularly in the summer months, this should help avoid 5am waking…. Well we can but hope, right?
  4. Nightlight - Taking your baby’s nightlight with you will ensure that the lighting is familiar to them, helping to soothe them. Even better if it’s battery operated as you won’t have to worry about having a plug socket close to the cot. See our range of nightlights here.
  5. White Noise - Whether you use something like the Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Projector or Spotify on loop, having the white noise they’re used to will definitely help them to settle, leading to a better sleep for everyone.
  6. Jumperoo - Yes for real. If you’re travelling alone, having a safe space where baby will be happy buys you 5 minutes to grab a shower, making it totally worth the car space. Like this 3 Stage Activity Centre by Skip Hop.
  7. Bedding - Whilst bedding will always be provided, having your baby’s own bedding (unwashed), like their sleeping bag, will be comforting and protect against any over-zealous air conditioning.

If you’re booking an escape (lucky you!), here’s a few things you can check beforehand which can help you to plan ahead...

  • Is there a mini-bar that you could use to store food/milk?
  • Is there a bath in the room?
  • What is access like? Is there a ramp and/or lift?
  • Do they keep a stepping stool to help toddlers brush their teeth/use the toilet?
  • Can they provide a cot?
  • If you’re staying in a rental, do they have stair gates & socket covers?

I miss the days when all I had to worry about was which shoes to pack! 👠 For more ideas or to have your say, be sure to head over to the KIDLY Facebook page. See you there?

Mel xo

Mel’s a #KIDLYparent, here to share the realities of raising her little person Arabella.