Summer holidays: There’s a whole load of days to fill 😱. So what’s a parent to do? Plan lots of playdates of course! However, with life taking over, trying to sort out times with other mums and their kids, can be, well, you, know… a bit tricky. Especially if you’ve just met them.

So who better to give us advice than Sarah and Katie. Founders of Mush, the UK’s leading social app for mums, they know everything there is to know about preparing for a playdate.

We asked them to give us the lowdown on how to nail it. And they came up trumps. Take a look at what they wrote below…

1 . Gearing up for a playdate
Will we get on? Will we have anything in common? Should I dress up or keep it casual? Arranging to meet up with a mum you don’t know can feel a little like a first date. All this, and you’ll be accompanied by somebody who’s in the habit of announcing, “I NEED A POO!” at the top of their lungs. Erm, awks. Luckily, most mum’s outfit choice is ‘the cleanest thing in the pile,’ and kids shouting about needing a poo is a actually a pretty good icebreaker. What’s more, if your main gig right now is trying to keep a small human or two alive, then yep, you’ve already got a LOT in common.

2. Where to meet?
If you’ve found your new mum friend through Mush, you’ll already have shared interests. Whether you’re both coffee-loving cake fiends, enjoy a good buggy walk or spend half your life at the swings, it should be easy peasy deciding on a place to go. There’ll be local Mush meet-ups to join in with, too – keep an eye on the app. The trick is to find somewhere you’ll be able to have a conversation without leaping to your feet every five seconds to save a daredevil toddler from impending disaster. As always when meeting new people, start off somewhere public.

3. In-synch snoozers
If your kid likes a snooze, choosing a place to meet is a doddle compared to finding a time when all children will be awake. A mum friend with a kid on the same nap schedule as yours is the holy grail, but there’s always windows… And remember, if they’re happy to sleep in a buggy, who says they need to be awake?

4. Be prepared
As ever, the more toys and snacks you bring with you, the more time you’ll have to chat uninterrupted. Added bonus: When your child has worked their way through all of their toys and snacks, there’ll be a load of new ones to explore in somebody else’s waaaay more exciting bag…

5. What to talk about
The old adage goes, never discuss religion or politics. But the chances of either coming up when you’ve got birth, sleep, nurseries, jabs and Love Island to talk about is highly unlikely anyway. The fab thing about mums is that you’ll probably know their birth story before you’ve even found out what they do for a living. #truestory

6. What next?
So you hit it off, now what? Unlike romantic dates, there’s no need for all that fretting about finding exactly the right time to get in touch without looking too keen or too cool. Oh, and if you nod off halfway through a message chat at 8pm, mum friends totally understand.

So there it is. Prepping for that playdate. Want to meet more like minded parents? Mush is free to download from iTunes or Google Play. Get ready for poo cries, birth stories and most importantly, laughs galore.

And we’ve also stepped in, with some of our fave products to help you out when it comes to a perfect playdate. As always, you can find them below.