So, you’ve got a little person & by now you’ve probably experienced the realities of rain-induced cabin fever. It’s a common condition that’s widespread across the UK. To save them climbing the walls (or scribbling on them), head outside for some fresh air & fun. It really works.

There are a few things you can do next time the rain clouds roll in. But first things first, prepare with the right kit: warm & waterproof… tick (more about that below). Then let the fun begin with these ideas for playing in the rain.

Jumping in muddy puddles.

So much fun they made an entire cartoon about it. All you need are little jumping people, some wellies and a muddy puddle. And wherever you are in the UK, we know you have both of those! Try some puddle hopscotch…

Take your bath toys out for an adventure

Get a puddle, or pond (or get the paddling pool out again!) and take your bath toys outside. Fresh air is so good for kids - and they’ll suddenly be full of enthusiasm for bath time afterwards, too. Well… probably :)

Rain bouncing

One of our favourite games. Grab pots & pans and turn them upside down to see how high rain bounces. Or if they prefer, then just collect the rain instead. It’s never too early to start them on science projects!

Catching the rain

This is one that tiny tots are great at. Whether they are in the baby carrier, buggy, or toddling along - show them how to catch rain on their tongues & talk about the taste. It’s great for developing imaginations & conversation. (It can also help overcome that tiny tot fear of water in their face).

Going on a bear hunt

You need: imagination, warm clothes & snacks. Well, you could be out there for days. Get them in the mood with some bear snacks & toy camera, too?! Bears can be tricky to find in towns & cities, but you can do it.

Making mud pies

Mud pies never get boring for little ones. You don’t need to go searching for mud, either - you just know they’ll do that for you. This is one favourite that we like to do at Granny’s house :) Don’t judge us.

Colourful wellies

To really embrace the rain you need the right kit; because being cold and damp is a real buzz kill. So here are our top picks…