Who’s used the phrase, "Have kids they said, it’ll be fun they said." Come on don’t be shy, there’s no judging here. As much as I love my terrible two, I miss the days when I was free to shower & pee without a child watching me.

I can see by the looks on your faces that you’re with me. But as a mum of 2, I like to think I’ve got a few hacks under my belt, which have helped me reclaim a bit of my time back, so here we go.

1. Reclaim your... personal hygiene

While the honesty train is rolling, let’s see a show of hands from those who have swapped baths for rub downs with wet wipes or flannels. Grim huh. The quick fix to get bathtime back? Let them join in. The 5 month old sits in her bouncer in the bathroom while I have a bath. I line up the toys around her and this gives me a chance to hop in the tub for a whole 10-15mins of pure bliss - before she gets bored again.

2. Reclaim your... inner Nigella

Clingy babies & cooking just don’t mix. Fact. If you’re in my boat you’ll know how hard it is to chop anything while holding a baby. But if you gotta cook for a hangry 5 year old (or partner) then sometimes you’ve got to get a little creative. My answer: a baby carrier. Stick ‘em in, and you’re handsfree to whip up a storm. #Nofoodrageneeded. Of course I’m not talking about a Masterchef worthy meal… we all know babies, splashing fat & steam don’t mix - think more sarnies, salads or just leave the gourmet cooking until they're in bed.

3. Reclaim your... social life

It’s all very well and good your mates popping round all the time, but sometimes you just need to get out of the house. I used to take the whole kitchen sink with me when the now 5 year old was a baby & I visited my friends, but with the 5 month old diva I’ve learned that a portable playmat is all I need. It means I can put her down on any floor without worrying & because she plays on it at home, it means she has some familiarity in different surroundings too. Score.

4. Reclaim your... living room

Our living room looks like a nursery threw up in it. By bedtime, all I want to do is sit on the sofa with a glass of gin & ignore the toys under my feet. The quick, cool fix? A 2-in-1 play & storage bag. I could high five the guys that invented this cool piece of kit that doubles as a play mat. Place bubs and their toys on it, then when they’ve finished, pull the drawstring to close it up & store the toys. Genius.

5. Reclaim your... sleep

"Dear Sleep, I’m sorry for all the times I cheated on you & stayed out all night, but I’d give anything just to have you back for a few more hours." Agree? You’re obviously a parent with a bubba that hasn’t quite mastered the art of all night sleeping. Our lifesaver? A baby nest. It cocoons your little sleep thief & makes them feel like they’re being cuddled. Perfect for clingy little ones who aren’t quite used to the big space of their cot. Not convinced? There’s loads more sleep ideas here

6. Reclaim their ‘newborn’ time

Bubba crawling? Mine too. And we all know that brings up a whole host of new issues. Suddenly you can’t just leave them on a playmat & pop to do something. The answer? A travel cot. Set it up in your living room & add in a few plastic balls & their fave toy. It’s a great little way to keep them enclosed & safe while you get on with stuff. Oh & let’s not forget how handy that travel cot can be on trips away too. #doublewin.

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