Meet Laura, our newest #KIDLYparent! She's just swapped city life for a country adventure, raising her little guy, Eli, in rural Wales.

Over to you, Laura...

What in the world is hygge I hear you ask? Shortlisted as Word of The Year 2016 by the Oxford English Dictionary and Danish in origin, hygge (pronounced who-ga) means to find contentment in the everyday; to savour those moments that seem so monotonous and mundane and yet on reflection were so special.

When my little family of three decided to uproot from the busyness of London and migrate over the Severn bridge into rainy Wales, one of the key things driving this (slightly) crazy move was hygge, even though we didn’t see it as that at the time.

We wanted to take time out to simply be us. We needed to slooow down. We longed to be away from city distractions so we could truly appreciate our little dude every day. We’ve been in Wales since July and we seem to be achieving our goals some of the time (we’re a work in progress!). So here’s my top tips for getting hygge with your own kiddos too.

  1. Plan a great escape! If you can book somewhere to stay that has no wifi even better. We recently packed up Eli and his travel cot and spent four days in a cottage that not only had no wifi, it had no phone signal either – and yes we survived to tell the tale. Then we all sat mesmerized in front of a log fire most of the time and it was glorious.
  2. Savour bath times. If like us you do bath time in the evening, it can be so tempting to rush through it to get the bambino in bed as early as poss. But guess what? Chances are your kid loves bath time, so enjoy it with them. Eli loves playing peekaboo around the bath edge with his Marco Bath Toy until he gets the hiccups. It’s the best thing ever.
  3. Create a snuggly den. But leave the dining room chairs under the table and the sheets in the airing cupboard. Instead opt for a modern pop up tent like the Deuz Tent to fill with cushions, blankets, books and snacks. Then while away an hour or two reading and snuggling your little person, in this new special space created for them.
  4. Do some baby wearing. I’m a big fan of baby-wearing with a carrier or wrap. They can be a HUMONGOUS lifesaver, particularly when you have a to-do list as long as your forearm and your baby just wants to be held. But asides from the practicality of strapping your babe to you, the closeness just does something to your soul. Sniffing that familiar scent of your LO's head and feeling them relax and fall asleep snuggled into you is one of the greatest things in the world. *reaches for baby carrier*
  5. Make a note of all the firsts. You could use a diary or you could make life easier for yourself and buy these Cards by Milestone. There is definitely an element of nostalgia in hygge and you will be so happy to remember your children’s first trip to the zoo in time to come!

Laura xo


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