Deliberating redecorating their room but feeling pretty confused by it all? We hear you. But fear not, there’s good news. We’ve created a guide to updating their room that doesn’t require you to be Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. In fact you don’t need to even pick up a paint brush, or roll out the wallpaper table…

Here’s our handy guide on how to decorate their rooms, from the nursery to the big kids’ space with a few simple accessories. We’re good to you, right?

Customise with cushions

Ahh cushions, they’re a sneaky way to change up the look of a room in a jiffy. And they’re not only great for style. Pick wisely and they’ll double up as a learning piece or as a cuddle buddy too. A black and white design with bold graphics is perfect for helping to develop babies' visual skills and soothing them when it’s time to move into their own room. Shop our range of characterful cushions here #winning.

Bear cuddling up to the Bloomingville Bear cushion

As they hit the 18 months to 2.5 years stage and becoming more aware, you’ll probably want to start adding more colour to their sleeping space and cushions that doubles up as a cuddle buddies are great too. We love the range of fun animal cushions by OYOY. Stylish for a room, cuddly for them, it’s a no-brainer.

Dial up the wall decor

Whoop! Gone are days when you had to get the wallpaper table out to add some character to their rooms. And we’ve got wall decor to thank for that. Never heard of it? Here’s the short and sweet explanation. These are vinyl pieces of kit that are easy to stick on a wall and then, when you’re done with them, simply peel them off. Some are also reusable meaning that if you don’t want to use them in the nursery anymore, you can place them somewhere else.

Decorating their first nursery? Dial up the black and white theme by adding removable wall decals. Easy to apply, you can place them on one wall to create a feature, or dot them around to create an all-over theme. When they outgrow it, just peel them off.

Arlo loves his Tresxics White Cloud Wall Sticker decor

Got an older kid and want to make a statement? There’s wall stickers to give you a hand. Simple for adding decoration and perfect for evoking imaginative play in their special space - just add toys for an alternative way to get their creative minds working. Awesome.

Pop in the prints

We’re calling it. Prints are fast becoming a key piece of decor. And they’re great for learning too. We love the Jam Tart A3 Alphabet Prints, which are awesome for keeping toddlers engaged. Featuring brightly coloured stylised animal letters, from A is for Alligator to Z is for Zebra, they’ll love spotting the hidden creatures in this print. It may just keep them in their cots for longer in the morning. #wishfulthinking

And they're also great for adding a ‘grown up’ feel when it’s time switch from the cot to a toddler bed. After-all a big milestone like this deserves a makeover! Keep your style, while making them feel like a big kid with this the Mini Learners Don't Grow Up Posters. With bold graphics and monochrome style, they’ll fit any decor.

Chase playing with his Mini Learners print in the background

Handy Hooks

Who said hooks had to be boring? Not anymore. In fact we’d go as far as saying that they could add some great style to their rooms. This Tresxics Cloud Hooks & Raindrop Wall Stickers Set is a great example. Not only is it ideal for keeping accessories or coats organised, the two small clouds with a single hook each, make it a stylish piece of kit. Just add the wall stickers to make it your own.

Want something more subtle? Knobbly Wall Hooks are a fun alternative. Handmade in a studio in Brisbane, they come in fun shapes that add a pop of colour to any wall. We love how they’re easy to install and can hold a coat, bag and a dressing gown too…

Harper and Emma using the Knobbly Wall Hooks to add style to a nursery

Roll up for rugs

Every room needs a rug. Not only are they great for finishing off the whole look, but can also stop them from slipping when they’re charging around on wooden floors. Just don’t forget to add the non-slip backing. Want style that lasts? The Minene Kids’ Rugs are your, er, rug. In a range of gorgeous simple prints, it's perfect for showing off. Super soft, it’s also perfect to play on, or for using as part of a little reading corner.

Alternatively, encourage pretend play while staying stylish with this OYOY Adventure Mat. It's printed with long winding roads for imaginative play - all you need to do is add the cars. Perfect.

Jasper playing with the OYOY Adventure Mat

So there you have it budding decorators. A quick and simple guide on styling up their nursery or room without all the hard work. Shhh, we won’t tell if you take sneaky tea and biscuit breaks…