KIDLY’s turning 5 and we're all thinking, 'Where did the time go?' (As parents, we know you know that feeling...) So, because we’re in a reflective mood - and maybe slightly squiffy on birthday fizz - we nominated five colleagues to share what they love most about being part of Team KIDLY.

“I love working at KIDLY because designing kids' products has always been my passion, even though their judgement can be brutal!”
ROSS PUGH, Senior Product Designer

Ross began his career designing travel products for Mothercare, before coming on board in 2020 to create KIDLY Label’s toys and tableware range.

“I knew in design school I wanted to focus on kids’ products: it’s always been my passion. You really have two customers - the parent you're selling it to and the child you've got to make it work for - so you have to switch your brain between the two. Kids don’t use products with instructions - they just grab it and go - and no baby is the same, so you have to constantly challenge yourself.

Otis helps his dad with a bit of product design.

Otis helps his dad with a bit of KIDLY Label product design.

"Now I'm also dad to 4-month-old Otis, so when I look at how he interacts with something, I can see where we could maybe improve upon it, so he’s playing with a lot of teethers at the moment. I’m really lucky that our nextdoor neighbours have an 18-month-old, so he gets a lot of prototypes to play with too!

“Kids either love something or they hate it. You can put a lot of effort in and then they discard it in one second. Their judgement can be brutal. But I love the challenge and that I’ve got the opportunity to give our customers exciting new KIDLY Label products. And I can’t wait until Otis is big enough to play with something I’ve designed!”

“I've loved watching our KIDLY community become friends with each other.”
REBECCA FOWLER, Community Manager

Becca joined KIDLY straight out of university in 2016.

“I started as an intern, but over 5 years my job’s evolved into this amazing role that I never could have imagined for myself. Our community includes our Parent Testers, our KIDLY Book Club, the influencers we work with and the customers who share their #iamkidlys.

Becca with flatmate Nellie

Becca with flatmate Nellie, who wishes KIDLY Label did a canine range.

"What really stands out for me is what a creative and talented bunch they are. The pictures and content they share is amazing and, if we need help, it's never too much work. We’re so lucky: their helpfulness makes my busy job so much easier!

“Another thing I find really heartwarming is when I see the friendships that have grown between Parent Testers. They live miles and miles apart, but they have this common theme of loving KIDLY, they follow each other on Instagram and ask after each other’s kids. Real, genuine friendships have come about because of what we do - I absolutely adore that.”

“I love working with all parts of the KIDLY business to make sure we build the very best tools for the job.”
NATASHA BATES, Lead Front End Engineer

Tash previously worked at Thomas Cook, ITV and Fortnum & Mason, before joining KIDLY in 2017.

“Without the website we wouldn’t have KIDLY, right? So we have to make sure it works perfectly and seamlessly, with minimal effort, so our customers can use it almost without thinking.

"We’re a small tech team but we’re very collaborative, much more so than most places. I love working with all aspects of the business - retail, finance, content, marketing - to make sure we build the very best tools for the job. If someone has a great new idea, we’ve got the freedom to get it live on the website as soon as possible. For geeks, that’s a whole lot of fun!

Serena helps Tash with a bit of coding.

Serena helps mummy with a spot of coding.

“Also, as a mum to Serena, KIDLY as a company reflects my life. If you need to do something for your family, we’re given loads of flexibility. We always talk about the KIDLY family: we’re not just colleagues - it goes beyond that.”

"At KIDLY, it’s personal. It’s a great feeling being able to make such a direct difference to our customers' experience."

Emily is mum to Arthur and Walter and has been part of the Customer Care team since 2019.

"As a mum of two young boys, I know what a beautiful mess daily life can be. Our live chats can be about anything and everything. We’ve usually heard anything you can throw at us a dozen times before. No question is a silly question and more often than not we’ve been there! We’re constantly thinking up ways to make shopping for 0-5s effortless and the best bit is, we’re doing it together with all of our lovely customers and Parent Testers. They ask, we listen.

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Because Emily works from home, Arthur (left) and Walter (right) like to 'help out' when they can!

"At KIDLY, it’s personal. It’s a great feeling being able to make such a direct difference to our customers' experience. Plus, we’re a family. I get to work with the best bunch of people in the world and our entire customer service team really does care. We take personal ownership of our experience with each and every customer. When they take the time to let us know that we’ve amazed them, it’s the best feeling of all."

“I love making stuff that previously would've only been sold in boutique stores available to everybody - and in a really easy-to-shop way.”
HELENE CHALLOT, Head of Retail

Helene has worked in kids' fashion, toys and homewares for more than 20 years and helped build KIDLY from day one.

“We launch new brands and products all the time, so I’m constantly looking for inspiration - it’s not a 9-to-5 job. I’m walking somewhere on a Sunday and see something and go: 'Wow, that’s clever!' Because I’ve been at KIDLY from the beginning, I also get a gut feeling of whether it’s 'us' or not: is it design-led enough, but not too much? Is it contemporary and sustainable? We always have to strike that balance between style and effectiveness.

Helene catches up with Matchstick Monkey at a (pre-Covid) trade fair.

Helene catches up with Matchstick Monkey at a (pre-Covid) trade fair.

“I love making stuff that previously would've only been sold in boutique stores available to everybody - and in a really easy-to-shop way - so you can order while holding the baby, or cooking tea, and get it tomorrow. Plus we collaborate with our customers loads, via our community and social media. We often ask them when we’re selecting a range: which colour do you prefer - this one or this one?

Choosing colours for KIDLY Label

When picking products or developing the KIDLY Label range, Helene likes to get customers' input.

And of course developing KIDLY Label is exciting, because it's become such an important part of what KIDLY offers as a store and what makes us different from others. So we've got KIDLY Label, plus loads of wonderful 'big' brands like Janod and Liewood, but we can offer them alongside products from a mumpreneur that used to be one of our Parent Testers and has set up her own little business.

"I think that unique approach is the essence of KIDLY.”

We're currently hiring at KIDLY HQ. To find out more, head over to our LinkedIn page.