The summer. Sun, sea, sandy bits and cranky tots. Because let’s face it, little ones and heat aren’t always the best mix. And, if you’re a parent you’ll know it’s not a walk in the park when you’re trying to keep them happy and safe in the heat. Of course, everyone’s got their own lil’ ways to making it easy, and so have we. Here’s just a few to help make sure they have fun in the sun safely at home and away.


If you’re a parent, you’ll know that trying to keep them in the shade when they’ve crawling or walking is more of a challenge than the Crystal Maze. The answer? A sun shelter. Whether you improvise - think the dens you made with sheets when you were a kid, but take it outdoors, or go all out and buy a UV protected pop up one, adding a few toys will keep them amused for a while. If you are on the move, a safe pram cover is just what you need for those walks in the blazing sun. We rate this one by Snoozeshade.


If you’ve got a fruit lover freezing some berries make a cool snack (just don’t forget to chop them up before serving), while puree lollies also work a treat. If you’ve got an older kid, then chuck a water bottle in the freezer overnight and take it out in the morning so the ice slowly melts. Talking of water - here’s a handy tip. Place big bottles of frozen water in your lil’ one’s room at night. They’ll keep the air cooler as they melt. #motherinlawtips


Obviously there’s nothing better than suncream to make sure they’re protected from the sun. But, there’s other things that top up that protection. Invest in a UV protected swimsuit for sea and pool play and don’t forget the baby sunglasses and the hat. Choose one with a chin tie and you may have some joy keeping it on as well.


Heat and tots is a recipe for cranky kids. Water play is a great way to keep them cool while they chill in the garden. Shallow fill an old baby bath, or the paddling pool with cold water, add their fave bath toys like this set by eco brand Green Toys and they’ll be there for hours, just don’t forget the suncream and that hat again.


Suncream on tiny feet means that they’re more likely to slip - especially if you’ve got garden decking or are by the pool. A quality pair of amphibious sandals are great as they can go in and out of water while keeping their little tootsies protected at the same time. This pair by TOMS are made from a perforated neoprene material, so they dry out really quickly all whilst keeping the soles of their feet off burning hot patios and sand.

So there you have it. The top five hacks for keeping them safe in the sun. Want to browse further? Check out our Holiday Shop for more awesome, summer-focused products for your kids.