The summer. Sun, sea & cranky tots. Because let’s face it, a lil’ one and heat aren’t always the best mix. And, if you’re a parent you’ll know it’s not a walk in the park when you’re trying to keep them happy & safe in the heat.

Of course, everyone’s got their own lil’ ways to making it easy, and so have we. Here’s just a few to help make sure they have fun in the sun safely at home & away.

Take cover

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that trying to keep them in the shade when they’ve crawling or walking is more of a challenge than the Crystal Maze. The answer? A sun shelter. Whether you improvise - think the dens you made with sheets when you were a kid, but take it outdoors, or go all out and buy a UV protected pop up one, adding a few toys will keep them amused for a while. Alternatively, stick them under the patio umbrella in a highchair with toys or cold snacks.

Freeze it

If you’ve got a fruit lover freezing some berries make a cool snack (just don’t forget to chop them up before serving), while puree lollies also work a treat. If you’ve got an older kid, then chuck a water bottle in the freezer overnight and take it out in the morning so the ice slowly melts.

Talking of water - here’s a handy tip. Place big bottles of frozen water in your lil’ one’s room at night. They’ll keep the air cooler as they melt. #motherinlawtips

UV got it covered

Obvs, there’s nothing better than suncream to make sure they’re protected from the sun. But, there’s other things that help too. Invest in a UV protected swimsuit for sea and pool play and don’t forget the baby sunglasses and the hat- you always need a hat. Good luck keeping that on...

Keep it cool

Heat & tots = cranky kids. Water play is a great way to keep them cool while they chill in the garden. Shallow fill an old baby bath, or the paddling pool with cold water, add their fave bath toys & they’ll be there for hours, just don’t forget the suncream & that hat again.

Step to safety

Suncream on lil’ feet means that they’re more likely to slip - especially if you’ve got gorgeous garden decking or, are by the pool. A pair of padders for the tiny ones stop slipping & they’re also sunproof meaning their feet won’t burn.

So there you have it. The top five hacks for keeping them safe in the sun. Enjoy...