Night feeds. They’re all part and parcel of being a parent and whilst you can’t beat the bonding that takes place in those wee hours, you also can’t escape the fact that they can be pretty exhausting - give us ALL the coffee. So, we’ve decided to give you a hand with some night feed products that may just make it a little easier.

Sit back, er, relax, and take note, because these might just buy you a bit more sleep. Disclaimer: We said may… 😁

1. Feeding Light

Lucinda and Quinn trying out the Meemo Feeding Light

It’s totally normal for newborns to wake every few hours at night to be fed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start helping them differentiate between day and night. Keeping lights off, or low, during night feeds will start their journey into this, as well as stopping them from being overstimulated or waking fully. This Meemo Feeding Light is perfect for doing just that. It attaches to your clothes with the clip, and emits a soft glow that encourages sleepiness, while making sure you can see what you’re doing too. Winning.

2. Cute sleep Aid

Alisia trying out the Lulla Doll Sleep Aid

Whether you're bottle or breast feeding your baby, they’re always close enough to hear or feel your heartbeat and be comforted by your smell. However, once they’ve had that closeness during a feed, getting them back into their cot can sometimes be tricky… Pick a cute and cuddly sleep aid which imitates the human heartbeat or plays soothing white noise. Clever designs like myHummy reactivate if babies stir too - so you may just be able to catch a few hours sleep.

3. Etta Loves Sensory Muslins 3 Pack

Sensory muslins from Etta Loves

We feel uncomfy after a big meal and it’s the same for your little feeder too. But, we’ve all been in that ‘to burp them, or not to burp them’ situation at night for fear of waking them up after their feed. As sense always prevails, you can keep them comforted and your PJs clean while you do this, with these Etta Loves Sensory Muslins 3 Pack. Super soft and in cute prints, they can be used as swaddles too making them perfect for keeping babe soothed after their midnight feast - as long as it's still clean!

4. Nursing Pillow

Hana and Rose testing the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

We know how night feeds can feel. You’re barely awake yourself and your body feels, well, heavy. It’s so easy to slouch when you’re tired and this can lead to some serious backache the next day. Take the weight off your arms if babes getting a bit heavy, and get support for your back with a nursing pillow. Suitable for both breast and bottle feeding, they keep you more comfortable and also raises your baby's head slightly, to help aid digestion. Meaning - well, hopefully - less wind.

5. Comotomo 5oz Twin Bottle

Marni using the Comotomo 5oz Twin Bottle

Want someone else to tackle the night feed? But babe breastfeeding? Express your milk and use a bottle that mimics breastfeeding. The Comotomo 5oz Twin Bottle has been designed to most closely mimic natural breastfeeding. The naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding, while the base is soft and skin-like for babes to hold on to. It’s also equipped with dual anti-colic vents that are smartly designed to, prevent colic. Mum’s turn to sleep!

So there we have it, products that may help with night feeds. In the meantime, we recommend coffee, lots of coffee…