There’s always an occasion for youngsters to dress up, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or all the endless parties that seem to come around. That’s why we’ve picked dress up kit that will last all year round, meaning you don’t have to keep buying new stuff all the time.

Phew! And let’s not forget how great this stuff is for imaginative play on a day at home. If you use your imagination, you can take one or two pieces and use them time and time again. Here’s how...

1. Make a difference

We know how it goes, there’s always the latest craze in fancy dress, so make sure you don’t lose them in a sea of Supermen or Elsas at that next party by thinking out of the box. This Colour-In Cape by Selfie Clothing is a perfect way to give a cool nod to superheros, while a simple crown, like a crafty, pom pom design means they can play princess for hours.

Meri Meri Pom Pom Crown

Meri Meri Pom Pom Crown

2. Make it last

My kids have a better social life than me and are always at fancy dress parties. So to save time and tears (from me) I’ve turned to some awesome stuff that can be used over & over - just change outfits for a new look. These Tell Tail animal tails, can be teamed with, well, just about anything. Feeling feline? A pair of cat ears can be dressed with a tutu, while this cool Lion Mane by Meri Meri looks great teamed with jeans.

Meri Meri Wearable Cat Ears and Tail

Meri Meri Wearable Cat Ears and Tail

3. Be prepared

You never know when you’re going to need a piece of fancy dress. Last minute nursery World Book Day (shudder) or that kids’ party, it’s a part of parenthood us non-creatives would rather avoid (ahem). The answer? Add facepaints to your craft box. Look for kits that are sensitive skin friendly and water-based too, so they're easy to take off. Dress your kid all in black, add those facepaints and there’s a quick and easy fancy dress outfit in seconds. #yourewelcome

These Snazaroo facepaints are perfect for sensitive skin and dressing up

Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack

4. Prop it up

For when they want to use their imaginations and dress up at home, keep them amused and encourage their creativity with some fun and easy props. These Meri Meri Sparkly wands are great for getting their imagination flowing, while these Meri Meri Animal Ear Masks, mean they dress up whenever they like.

The Meri Meri Animal Ear Masks are great for parties and dressing up

Meri Meri Animal Ear Masks

So there it is, a quick roundup of ways to think out of the box when it comes to fancy dress… Fancy that!