We are currently sailing the rough waters of the teething seas. I thought at 5 months we were safe for a while yet, but apparently not!

Every outfit is currently accessorised with a bib to save numerous drool-induced changes (we get enough of those with nappy incidents) and the poor little monkey is chewing on everything in sight… which makes breastfeeding fun.

It appears we aren’t the only ones. I took to Facebook last week to ask for your tips and advice. Here’s what was top of the pops:

  1. Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders
    Described as miraculous baby dust, you swore by these powders. Apply half a sachet in the morning and another at night to help bring relief from the appearance of little gnashers. Available from most chemists.
  2. Sophie la Giraffe
    Ah the infamous Sophie! She’s nice and small as well as being light, meaning that she’s a sure hit for little mitts. Pop her in the freezer for a while beforehand to help bring some additional relief. Available at KIDLY (see below).

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  1. Anbesol liquid
    Whilst some people preferred gels, lots of you said that liquid proved to be much more effective. Easy and quick to apply, it actually numbs gums rather than the baby eating the gel. A numbed tummy is no use to anyone! Available from most chemists.
  2. Frozen fruit
    Cucumber, satsumas, peeled & sliced grapes, mango, banana, raspberries or apple. If it’s cold and your baby’s weaning, it’s a winner. For those nervous about choking, mesh feeders are a great way of ensuring their safety.
  3. Homemade milk lollies
    Whether breast milk or formula… give them what they love and help numb gums too. Score. Available from nuk.co.uk.

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  1. Dentinox Teething Gel
    For those of you who like gels, this was your gel of choice. Available from most chemists.
  2. Amber teething necklace/bracelet/anklet
    Whilst many of you were sceptical at first, you swore by the painkilling properties of amber on your little ones, it’s impossible to deny they work! Available from amberpumpkin.com.
  3. Gummee Glove
    Great for little people who want to self-soothe. These gloves stop teethers from being dropped and you handing it to them YET AGAIN. Available at KIDLY (see below).
  4. Teething jewellery
    When nothing helps apart from cuddles, you can double win with something like the Blossom & Bear Teething Necklace. Thankfully it looks cool, so you won’t mind wearing it either. Available at KIDLY (see below).

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  1. Brushbaby Soft Chewable Toothbrush
    Great for bringing relief to sore gums, it’s also a crafty way of applying teething gels to their gums. Sneaky sneaky! Available at KIDLY (see below).
  2. Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew Bib
    Save their clothes and give them something to munch on at the same time. What’s not to love? Available at KIDLY (see below).

Is your mini person growing their pearly whites? For more tips from other parents, head to the original Facebook thread here. I’d love you to share what’s working for your little one on there too.

Mel xo

Mel is a #KIDLYparent, here to share the realities of raising her little person Arabella.