Kids Dressing Gowns.

Dino Whale Blue Liewood Lily Bathrobe

Liewood Lily Bathrobe Dino Whale Blue

Garden green/sandy/dove blue Liewood Dana bathrobe

Liewood Dana bathrobe Garden green/sandy/dove blue

Cat Light Lavender Liewood Lily Bathrobe

Liewood Lily Bathrobe Cat Light Lavender

Hippo dove blue Liewood Lily Bathrobe

Liewood Lily Bathrobe Hippo dove blue

Mrs Rabbit Trixie Bathrobe

Trixie Bathrobe Mrs Rabbit


Keep your baby, toddler or kid warm and snug at bathtime or any lounging-about time with our range of dressing gowns. They're so comfy and soft, they won't want to take them off. Ideal for combatting post bath chills, they're also great options to pack for swimming lessons or trips to the beach. Choose from terry or towelling, in a range of shades and stripes. You can take your pick of adorable animal features on the hoods too - so your small bather can be transformed into a fox, rabbit, cat, bear, hippo or even an elephant! With pockets for poolside essentials like their sunglasses, or for favourite bathtime toys, these Dressing Gowns will be the talk of the town.

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