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Teethers & Soothers.

Give them something new to chew with our selection of baby teethers. Soothe sore gums with wooden, silicone, natural rubber and cool metal teethers.

Monochrome Moluk Oibo 3 Set

Moluk Oibo 3 Set Monochrome

Peach BIBS Dummy

BIBS Dummy Peach

Cloud BIBS Dummy

BIBS Dummy Cloud

Vanilla BIBS Dummy

BIBS Dummy Vanilla

Baby Blue BIBS Dummy

BIBS Dummy Baby Blue

Blush BIBS Dummy

BIBS Dummy Blush

Pomegranate Nibbling Heart Teether

Nibbling Heart Teether Pomegranate


Our teethers are full of textures to help with every part of baby teething. In a range of bright colours and shapes, they’ll keep baby stimulated while they soothe.

Elphee Powder Done By Deer Cozy Keeper

Done By Deer Cozy Keeper Elphee Powder

Mustard/Rusty Liewood Pacifier Strap

Liewood Pacifier Strap Mustard/Rusty

Whale - Blue Spruce Fabelab Animal Teether Whale

Fabelab Animal Teether Whale Whale - Blue Spruce