Baby Dummy Clips.

Chambray Blue Spruce/Olive Fabelab 2-Pack Pacifier Strap

Fabelab 2-Pack Pacifier Strap Chambray Blue Spruce/Olive

Elphee Powder Done By Deer Cozy Keeper

Done By Deer Cozy Keeper Elphee Powder


Never lose a dummy or pacifier again with our selection of Baby Dummy Clips by cool brands like Nibbling and others. Browse crocheted clips, wooden ones, nobbly bobbly ones with silicone beads that are satisfying to chew on and stylish clips that match their dummies - for design-minded babies who need everything to look on point. For their cots we’ve got Done By Deer’s Cozy Keepers - soft toys that attach to their dummy, making it far easier for them to find comfort in the night. We’ve even got 2-packs, so you always have a spare. When it comes to Baby Dummy Clips, we’re so on it.

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