Baby Teething Toys.

Blue Multi Mix Liewood Penny Teether

Liewood Penny Teether Blue Multi Mix

Rose Multi Mix Liewood Penny Teether

Liewood Penny Teether Rose Multi Mix


Our Baby Teething Toys are here to help with every part of teething. In a range of bright colours and shapes they’ll be drooling over, they’ll keep your baby stimulated while soothing those aches and itches away. Choose from essential teething toolbox brands like Matchstick Monkey, Oli & Carol and Blossom and Bear, in natural rubber, wood and flexible silicone. We’ve got bendy little animals that make great toys for gummy bears to fiddle with too, stylish-looking silicone teether balls, tropical flowers, fun fruit and veg shapes, even dinosaurs! Or maybe you’ll fall for Sophie la girafe - the iconic natural rubber teether that’s been soothing les bébés français since 1961. Sophie might just be the head girl of our Baby Teething Toys!

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