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Sensory Discovery.

Sight, sound, touch and taste. Their epic sensory journey starts from birth. Shop funky play mats, textured books, crinkly things, knobbly things and cool stuff that lights up.✨

Multi Grimm's Pyramid Rattle

Grimm's Pyramid Rattle Multi

Mrs Elephant Trixie Activity Ring

Trixie Activity Ring Mrs Elephant

Mrs Rabbit Trixie Squeaker

Trixie Squeaker Mrs Rabbit

My Colourful Friends Wee Gallery Buggy Book

Wee Gallery Buggy Book My Colourful Friends

Eggnog Yellow Hevea Kawan Mini Rubber Duck

Hevea Kawan Mini Rubber Duck Eggnog Yellow


Pick monochrome and bold patterns for babies, before moving onto colours and sounds for toddlers. Choose from fab brands like Wee Gallery, Etta Loves, Done By Deer, Skip Hop and others.

Animal Print Etta Loves Playmat

Etta Loves Playmat Animal Print

Woodland Wee Gallery Activity Pad

Wee Gallery Activity Pad Woodland

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