Wooden Toys for Toddlers.

Multi Janod Panda Ride On

Janod Panda Ride On Multi

Yellow Plan Toys Banjolele

Plan Toys Banjolele Yellow

Natural/Pastel Triclimb Triclimb

Triclimb Triclimb Natural/Pastel

Safari Animals Jabadabado Display Shelf

Jabadabado Display Shelf Safari Animals

Natural/Rainbow Triclimb Triclimb

Triclimb Triclimb Natural/Rainbow

Natural Wood Triclimb Triclimb

Triclimb Triclimb Natural Wood

Multi Grapat Lola

Grapat Lola Multi

Multi Grapat Wizards

Grapat Wizards Multi

Multi Grapat Insects

Grapat Insects Multi


With our Wooden Toys for Toddlers collection, you’ll find beautifully made sustainable toys that’ll spark endless stimulation in your 1-year-old or 2-year-old’s amazing ever-expanding mind. From brands like Jabadabado, Little Dutch, Janod, Le Toy Van, Tender Leaf Toys and Classic World, we’ve got shape sorters of every kind, abacuses, peg puzzles, pull along carts with blocks, stackers, games and puzzles that’ll teach them to count and spell, plus toys to help them get to grips with reasoning and fine-motor skills and all kinds of learning through play. And don’t forget Triclimb’s classic climbing triangle - the much-loved centrepiece of every lucky toddler’s playroom or bedroom.

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