Building Blocks for Kids.

Woodland Numbers Wee Gallery Nesting Boxes

Wee Gallery Nesting Boxes Woodland Numbers

Neutral kapla 100 Case

kapla 100 Case Neutral


Help develop your baby's dexterity and fine & gross motor skills with our range of building blocks for kids. There are blocks that balance and nest, space-themed blocks, teddy-themed blocks, blocks on trucks and blocks in trolleys. You’ll find sets that are perfect for stacking and sorting, ones that are brilliant for building cities or spaceships, magnetic ones that make play time even more inventive. We’ve also got building blocks for kids & construction toys that will teach your toddler and preschooler about science, technology, engineering & maths (STEM) from an early age (while having buckets of fun, naturally). And of course they’re all fab to knock down and begin again, over & over.

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