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Open Ended Toys.

Neon Dëna Sun

Dëna Sun Neon

Natural Wood Triclimb Triclimb

Triclimb Triclimb Natural Wood

Multi Grapat Lola

Grapat Lola Multi

Multi Grapat Wizards

Grapat Wizards Multi

Multi Grapat Insects

Grapat Insects Multi

Multi Grapat Brots

Grapat Brots Multi

Pastel Dëna Rainbow

Dëna Rainbow Pastel

Neutral kapla 100 Case

kapla 100 Case Neutral


Open ended toys are great for expanding their minds and making them put the creativity into play. In our open-ended toys range youโ€™ll find beautifully made play sets by brands like Grapat and Grimmโ€™s, made from only sustainable wood in simple shapes with no fixed outcomes, just thousands of different possibilities. Rainbow stackers can become towers, tunnels, houses, animals, rocking chairs, mountains - literally whatever your baby, toddler or child imagines. And with a Wobbel board, they can rock back and forth to hone their balancing skills or use it as a ramp for cars, a slide for their dolls or a bridge, a table or a rocking chair to read in.

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