Montessori Toys.

Dino Multi Mix Liewood Astrid Abacus

Liewood Astrid Abacus Dino Multi Mix

Classic Multi Mix Liewood Astrid Abacus

Liewood Astrid Abacus Classic Multi Mix

Multi Mix Liewood 6-Pack Gloria Dice

Liewood 6-Pack Gloria Dice Multi Mix

Neon Dëna Sun

Dëna Sun Neon

Yellow Plan Toys Banjolele

Plan Toys Banjolele Yellow

Natural/Pastel Triclimb Triclimb

Triclimb Triclimb Natural/Pastel

Natural/White Pellianni Wooden Shaker

Pellianni Wooden Shaker Natural/White

Natural/Rainbow Triclimb Triclimb

Triclimb Triclimb Natural/Rainbow

Natural Wood Triclimb Triclimb

Triclimb Triclimb Natural Wood

Multi Grapat Lola

Grapat Lola Multi

Multi Grapat Wizards

Grapat Wizards Multi

Multi Grapat Insects

Grapat Insects Multi

Multi Grapat Brots

Grapat Brots Multi


Playtime is more gentle and less distracting and the learning possibilities are endless with these fab Montessori toys for babies, toddlers and kids. Feed their imaginations and build their physical, social and reasoning skills with thoughtfully-made, lovely-to-own investment toys from Grapat, Dena, Grimm’s, Dena, Triclimb, Kapla, Triclimb and Wobbel. We’ve got tent making kits, cleaning toys and learning toys, beautiful small world play pieces and balancing and stacking games. You’ll also find toys that teach them to tell the time, spinning tops, peg puzzles, tangrams, toys for exploring the natural world and loads of open-ended Montessori toys for stacking, sorting and rearranging.

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