Baby Sensory Toys.

Dino Dark Sandy Mix Liewood Glenn Activity Blanket

Liewood Glenn Activity Blanket Dino Dark Sandy Mix

Multi Mix Liewood Dodo Dominoes

Liewood Dodo Dominoes Multi Mix

Classic Light Lavender Rose Mix Liewood Thea Baby Ball 2-pack

Liewood Thea Baby Ball 2-pack Classic Light Lavender Rose Mix

Dino Sandy Sea Blue Mix Liewood Thea Baby Ball 2-pack

Liewood Thea Baby Ball 2-pack Dino Sandy Sea Blue Mix

Dove Blue Multi Mix Liewood Zuzu Stacking Cups

Liewood Zuzu Stacking Cups Dove Blue Multi Mix

Natural/White Pellianni Wooden Shaker

Pellianni Wooden Shaker Natural/White

Panda Janod Music Box

Janod Music Box Panda

Multi Grapat Brots

Grapat Brots Multi

Woodland Numbers Wee Gallery Nesting Boxes

Wee Gallery Nesting Boxes Woodland Numbers


Say hello to our range of baby sensory toys. We stock balls that are like pieces of modern sculpture in silicone, and a feast for their eyes and gums, to amazing textured rubber teethers and rattles. To stimulate their hearing, choose from musical cot mobiles, rain makers, music boxes, maracas, wooden shakers and simple baby-size musical instruments. For their visual senses we’ve got baby art cards, clever bath books that change colour and wonderful monochrome comforters, stacking boxes and crinkle toys by Wee Gallery. Finally, to tickle them physically, you can take your pick of tummy time pillows, activity rings, bath toys, activity centres and play mats featuring cute animals with crinkly ears, tails and feet that they’ll love investigating.

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