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Baby Comforters.

Help to keep your baby soothed and settled with our range of calming and reassuring comforters. They’re all soft & snuggly, and lots have friendly faces with interesting floppy ears or lovely knotted corners for small hands to grab and curious mouths to explore. Great for bedtime, naptime or any other settling-down-time. In fact, they’re so useful, they make much-appreciated gifts for newborn babies. So enjoy choosing from soft toning colours or striking monochromes that make for cool design statements in their nursery or buggy. In soft organic cottons and muslins, they’re relaxing for any baby to hold, explore, mouth and chew and some comfort blankets have teething rings attached, for extra calming mileage. Top Tip 1: for extra snuggle value, spray them with your scent for added reassurance and your baby will want to hang onto it 24/7. Clever Tip 2: always have a back-up, or pick a handy 2-pack and never get caught out.

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