Baby Highchairs.

When it comes to giving babies, toddlers or kids a seat at the table, we’re all for it! But those seats need to look great, work hard and, ideally, grow with them. So all our Highchairs are stylish and adaptable: some will even take them all the way from weaning to school age. (Now that's a great investment.) You’ll find models in light and painted wood, with clean lines that make them easy-clean and easy-on-the-eye too. Every design comes with a safety harness for keeping wriggly occupants put, plus a wide, wipeable tray for them to eat from. (And bang cups on.) Some have removable trays or ones that fold back, so the highchair can be brought right up to the dining table. We’ve got fully foldable models too, which is great when space is at a premium. If you’re after a Highchair that gives you good looks, long life and adaptability, pull up a chair.

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