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Baby Teethers & Dummies.

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      Keep their gums and teeth squeaky clean with our Baby Teethers & Baby Dummies range, full of eco-conscious innovative brands like KIDLY Label, My Carry Potty & Liewood. Take your pick of Baby Teething Toys in colours and shapes they’ll be drooling over. When it comes to Baby Teething & Kids Toothcare, we’ll put a smile on their faces - and yours too! Keep your baby soothed & entertained with our range of natural rubber dummies, colourful pacifiers & silicone, wood & cotton clips. Choose from classic and retro dummies, ones that are suitable for newborns, orthodontic styles to protect those emerging gnashers, and ones that double as teethers - stimulating and soothing with lovely ridges and bumps. Because we care about what goes into their mouths as much as you do, we’ve minimised the plastic - instead you’ll find lots of silicone and natural rubber and designs made from bamboo and other plant products. Find coloured and natural shades and multi-packs too, so you always have a spare on hand. To keep theim close by, a dummy clip is your new best friend. Browse crocheted ones, wooden ones, nobbly bobbly ones with silicone beads that are satisfying to chew on and ones that match their dummies - for design-minded babies who need everything to look on point. For their cots we’ve got Done By Deer’s Cozy Keepers - soft toys that attach to their dummy, making it far easier for them to find comfort in the night. We’ve even got 2-packs, so you always have a spare.

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