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Baby Sippy Cups.

Browse our range of refreshingly well-designed baby cups and beakers: choose from sippy cups, straw cups, training cups and grow-with-them transitional sets from brands like Munchkin, Cognikids, and b.box. Find loads of spill-proof styles to slurp from - cups & beakers with toppers and straws, spouted and spoutless designs, cups that seal automatically when they stop drinking and open-cup options too. Whatever stage your baby, toddler or kid is at, we’ve got something that they’ll be able to manage confidently. Plastic-free is important to us too, so choose from sustainable stainless steel, bamboo and silicone cups and beakers from design-conscious brands like Noodoll, EZPZ and eco rascals, that are impossible for even the most heavy-headed of tots to break. Learning to drink independently is an important developmental milestone, so we say ‘cheers’ to choosing well!

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