Kids Bikes & Scooters.

Black and Gold Scoot & Ride Highwaykick 1

Scoot & Ride Highwaykick 1 Black and Gold

Pastel Pink Globber Go Bike Duo

Globber Go Bike Duo Pastel Pink

Pastel Blue Globber Go Bike Duo

Globber Go Bike Duo Pastel Blue

White Banwood Trike

Banwood Trike White

Light Pink Banwood Trike

Banwood Trike Light Pink

Dark Green Banwood Trike

Banwood Trike Dark Green

Vintage Blue CoConuts Helmet

CoConuts Helmet Vintage Blue

Vintage Pink CoConuts Helmet

CoConuts Helmet Vintage Pink

Ruby Red CoConuts Helmet

CoConuts Helmet Ruby Red

Vintage Green CoConuts Helmet

CoConuts Helmet Vintage Green


Build your toddler or kid’s confidence with our range of Bikes and Scooters. In our Kids Bikes and Trikes line-up we’ve got balance bikes to develop their core strength and gross-motor skills from Banwood Bikes, Wishbone Design Studio and TRYBIKE, with adjustable-height seats, inflatable rubber tyres and easy-grip handlebars. We’ve also got models that go from 3 wheels to 2 - growing with your small easy rider. And if retro styling is your thing, you’ll love Foxrider’s deliciously nostalgic 3-wheelers. Browse our range of Scooters from leading brands like Globber, Micro Scooters and Scoot & Ride. Find designs that fold with the simple push of a button, models with light-up wheels, height adjustable T-bars and 4-in-1 styles that can be adapted from ride-ons. Keep your kids safe, secure and visible with our range of Bike Accessories. From helmets and protective gear from CoConuts to lights and bells from Micro Scooters, we’ve got it all. Shop plain and patterned helmets with adjustable chin straps to keep them snugly in place and ventilation to keep heads cool while they ride, waterproof silicone lights to ramp up their visibility, plus cool-looking bells that let them announce they're coming through. Don’t forget baskets - we do love a basket on a set of wheels! Our Bikes & Scooters range has all they need to free-wheel safely, confidently and in style.

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