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Baby Footmuffs.

Keep your baby, toddler or kid cosy and contented when you’re on the move with our range of Baby Footmuffs from Dooky and other quality brands. Chosen for our range because they’re not just great looking, but really cleverly designed as well, they fit onto almost any car seat or pram, and they can be used for newborns too. They work with both 3 and 5-point harnesses and, to keep your small passenger safe from the elements, they’re all waterproof and wind-resistant. Some designs have built-in hoods too, to keep them extra toasty. With others, you can zip off the top, turning your it into a comfy seat liner, for those warmer winter days or cooler summer ones. Seasons come and go, but these brilliant adaptable footmuffs will keep your baby or toddler comfy & cosy, no matter what the weather does.

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