Kids Travel.

Adventure Dragonfly Lassig Car Wrap-To-Go

Lassig Car Wrap-To-Go Adventure Dragonfly

Faded Rose Elodie Rain Cover

Elodie Rain Cover Faded Rose

Friendship Sandy Mix Liewood Nadja Food Jar

Liewood Nadja Food Jar Friendship Sandy Mix

Adventure Bus Lassig Car Wrap-To-Go

Lassig Car Wrap-To-Go Adventure Bus

Blobs Forest Lassig Changing Pouch

Lassig Changing Pouch Blobs Forest

Juniper Blue Elodie CosyCushion

Elodie CosyCushion Juniper Blue

Faded Rose Elodie CosyCushion

Elodie CosyCushion Faded Rose

White and Grey Munchkin Mini Steriliser

Munchkin Mini Steriliser White and Grey

Safari Sandy Mix Liewood Nadja Food Jar

Liewood Nadja Food Jar Safari Sandy Mix

Strawberry Shake Insulated Food Jar Insulated Food Jar Strawberry Shake

Percy The Penguin Zinc Flyte Midi Scooter Case

Zinc Flyte Midi Scooter Case Percy The Penguin


Babies and travel aren’t a match made in heaven but you can minimise the stress with our helpful Travel collection. Browse Car Accessories that’ll protect your kids and your seats from mishaps, plus a whole load of fun in-car toys with lots of fun stuff for babies to explore and investigate. In our Stroller Accessories range we’ve got sunshades for summer, stylish rain covers for winter and buggy locks, carabiner clips, drinks holders and on-the-go wipes dispensers for every day in between. Our Baby Footmuffs aren’t just great looking, but designed to adapt for the seasons too, while our Travel Cots & Baby Playpens from Koo-di and Dooky are the perfect combo of comfort, portability and easy-peasiness. In Baby Travel Essentials you'll find travel changing mats that are comfy and canny, portable highchairs that fold flat enough to slide under a buggy or even roll up into the change bag, plus travel potties, mini sterilisers, insulated food jars, raincovers and blackout blinds. And our Car & Pram Sunshades will fit any stroller, pram or pushchair or car in seconds. Before you go anywhere, check out the coolest travel luggage that kids will want to tote themselves from Zinc Flyte. Travel should be a pleasure not a chore - so explore here before you explore anywhere else!

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