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8 things by Triclimb

Pastel Triclimb Wibli

Triclimb Wibli Pastel

Pastel Triclimb Archi

Triclimb Archi Pastel

Natural/Rainbow Triclimb Triclimb

Triclimb Triclimb Natural/Rainbow

Natural Wood Triclimb Triclimb

Triclimb Triclimb Natural Wood


Dreamed-up and designed in Wales, Triclimb (said 'tree climb') makes strong, stable, light play equipment that looks stylish too, so you'll love it in your home.

Natural Triclimb Wibli

Triclimb Wibli Natural

Natural Wood Triclimb Biri Board

Triclimb Biri Board Natural Wood

Natural Wood Triclimb Miri Sticks

Triclimb Miri Sticks Natural Wood