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Family-run bookspeed is all about fun & educational kids books, with great stories & inspiring topics. Helping kids learn about their wider world & their inner world too. Browse reading books, picture books and chunky board books, fethat really spark tots' interest. Featuring big characters, fun animals and friendly dinosaurs - in captivating stories about the natural world, family events, crazy situations, real world celebrations and all kinds of imaginative adventures. You'll also find cool topic books on lots of subjects like feelings & emotions, yoga & mindfuness, to the seasons & recycling. They're also publishers of the brilliant Little People Big Dreams series: wonderfully told biographies of really inspiring people like David Bowie, Captain Tom Moore, Elton John, Jane Goodall, Rosa Parks, David Attenborough, Mahatma Gandhi, Steven Hawking, Coco Chanel, Marie Curie and more. These are the kind of creative & fun titles that are great for getting kids engaged in the joys of reading & learning. Every title is a brilliant pick for their bookshelves or their reading nook. Your kids will want to hear these stories & share them with you at bed time or any time - time and time again.