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About us

The Parent Test

What is the Parent Test?

We want to be sure we sell only genuinely useful stuff. You only want to buy things that make your life easier, more stylish and more fun. This is why we have the Parent Test.

We ask real families to review everything we sell. We choose them because they're a good match for that product, then we get them to use it for a month and give us their honest, unvarnished opinion.

Their exact words and ‘in action' pictures are what you see on every product page. Each Parent Test is there to help you decide whether that item's likely to be a good pick for you too.

We trust our Parent Testers implicitly. So if they say something's not good enough quality, or genuinely useful, we probably wouldn't want to sell it.

One of our little testers trying out products

Can I test stuff?

Absolutely. We love meeting new Parent Testers! If you like reviewing things and can take great pics of your kids, email [email protected] and tell us a bit about your family.

Let us know...

  1. Your stage - your due date, or the age of your little one(s).
  2. Any specific needs you have, e.g. twins (arghh!), colicy baby, about to start weaning, etc...
  3. A few lines, 'review style', on a product that you or your child can't live without. (Photos are good, too.)
  4. If you're on Instagram, your handle.