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About us


The KIDLY Label story.

When we launched KIDLY, we set ourselves a mission to bring you only the most helpful, great-looking, quality products and brands.

But even our brilliant buying team couldn't find everything we wanted to offer.

So we decided to create KIDLY Label:

Things we know you need.
Colours & styles you love.
Quality they deserve.

Kiara wearing our Brushed Ribbed Legging in Heather, Pocket Sweatshirt in Camel and a Brilliant Bib in Orchid.
Azaiyah wears an Organic Easy Sweatshirt in Damson with Organic Easy Jogger in Hemp.


We don't buy any KIDLY Label product 'off the shelf' and just stick our badge on it. We design everything ourselves, here in the UK and, without making it sound like a manifesto – ok, it is a bit of a manifesto – we're kind of obsessive in the way we do things.

Speech bubbles Collaboration. We talk constantly to our Parent Testers & trial everything with real kids in real family situations.
Zip Details. We believe a well-placed seam or clever zip turns functional into wonderful.
Thread spool Materials. Materials matter. You can read in more detail about all the fabrics, materials & processes we use.
Colour swatches Co-ordination. All of KIDLY Label's designed to work & look good together. So shopping, dressing & dining is less stress, more 'ta-dah'!
Coin Affordability. We don't believe in charging you a premium for quality, sustainable products.
Sketches of the Kidly Label Foldaway Bucket & Spade

Going Green.

Like you, we care about the planet our kids will inherit. So, as part of our Going Green ambition, we'll always take the sustainable route if we can:

Destination Organic

Most of our daywear & all of our sleepwear is GOTS-certified organic cotton.

No Nasties

All of our clothing is OEKO-TEX certified, meaning no harmful chemicals are used to dye them.

Sustainable Fabrics

Our Rain Boots are 100% natural rubber, our swimwear & outerwear is made with regenerated materials and our socks and tights are rich in recycled cotton.

Eco Packaging

All garment bags are compostable at landfill & our shipping bags & boxes are recyclable.

When we can't use sustainable or recycled materials on a product, the fact that they're high quality means they'll last longer and can - we hope - be handed down.

Bronte models our Pocket Sweatshirt in Copper with the Organic Easy Jogger in Hemp.
The KIDLY Label Jelly Sandal is available in a rainbow of colours.


If you want something made well, you go to the best. So we work with only a small number of factories in Portugal, India, Turkey and China, because they're expert at what they do. They're our partners and friends as well as our suppliers.


We know you care about buying ethically-made products, and we take our social responsibility seriously. The welfare of everyone who produces KIDLY Label, whether they work in Hertfordshire or Hong Kong, matters equally. So, as well as visiting as frequently as we can, the factories we work with are all audited by SMETA. This means:

  • They meet the same health and safety standards you'd expect in the UK for working conditions, hours, permitted breaks and workers' facilities.
  • Their environmental and business practices are monitored.
  • Alkatek

    Hosiery experts we started working with in 2020, they supply all our Socks and Tights.


  • Vipaltex

    A family-run factory and early partners of KIDLY Label, they make daywear and our Double Layer Bandana Bib.


  • Use a couple of big boxes to make a playhouse complete with door and windows
  • Sucity Footwear

    Footwear specialists who craft over 50,000 pairs of Rain Boots and Jelly Sandals for us annually.


  • Clifton Exports

    KIDLY Label partners since Day One, they specialise in daywear and make all our Organic PJs and Sleepsuits.


  • Cut the boxes into triangles to make an igloo
  • Creative Clothing

    Kidswear experts who are responsible for all our recycled outerwear, rainwear, swimwear and Coverall Bibs.

    Hong Kong

  • Shenzhen Iego

    Silicone specialists who've helped us develop our Silicone Bibs, feeding range and Foldaway Bucket & Spades.


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