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Our story

Hey, nice of you to drop by. Here's a little info on how we came about, what makes us different & the team that makes it all happen.

It’s easy to forget who you are when your new baby comes along. It can all get a bit ‘glass-half-empty’ when you’re bogged down in dirty nappies and sleepless nights. We say NO to all of that. Having a baby is an extension of your style and identity, not the end of it. So we’re here to help you feel glass-half-full about parenting.

How? Through awesome shopping for your 0-4s. We help you discover unique, useful, extraordinary things by bringing them together in one place; stuff so gorgeous you’ll want it too. It’s where everything is chosen for you, by us, but always parent-approved before we sell it. And it’s all wrapped up in an effortless shopping experience from the website to your door.

What makes KIDLY different?

  • Constant inspiration. We’re less 'massive-purchase research' - YAWN, more 'weekly fix of KIDLY newness' - YAY!
  • It’s for them, AND you. Everything is for little people, but you’ll love it too.
  • We’re parents too. We’re building the shop we wanted (no, needed) when we were new parents.
  • We have a strict ‘door policy’. Only genuinely useful & design led stuff gets through the KIDLY doors. If it looks plain or doesn’t do a job, it ain’t coming in.
  • We test everything. To make doubly sure our stuff cuts it, we send it into the wild to be tested by mums, dads & their little ones. If it doesn’t pass, we don’t stock it. Simple.
  • We’re mobile & mini-me first. We’ve designed our site so you can read it one-handed on your mobile at 3am while holding your munchkin in the other. Been there.
  • We source brands from around the globe. Big & small to bring you & your Mini-Me the best stuff.
  • We make stuff too. When we can’t find something we're looking for, we’ll make it ourselves. From cool prints to cute clothes & more, it’s all exclusive to KIDLY.
  • We’re super helpful... and there for you most of the time. Go on, test us out - hit the green circle down there.

Who we are

Our Chief, James, hatched KIDLY after getting frustrated when shopping for his 3 boys in their early years. He was the eCommerce Director at ASOS for 15 years. The rest of us, in addition to juggling young kids & sleepless nights, have worked online for Tesco, M&S, Mothercare & George, to name a few.

We’re also huge fans of cake, pasta & chicken (yes really). As you can see from the picture below, we don’t take life too seriously - well you can’t when you’re a parent can you? But we are serious about making KIDLY awesome.

We give back too

It goes without saying that we want to make your lives easier by helping you find the best stuff for your little rascals. However, we also know there are millions of young children, abroad & at home, that just don’t get the love & generosity they deserve.

At KIDLY we can do something about that & that’s why we’ll be dedicating 1% of our revenue or 10% of profits - whichever is greater - to help these young children live the normal childhoods we believe they’re entitled to.

Find out more on How we give.

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